Your shipments in front of more carriers

Quality capacity at the ready

Get seen by more carriers, and get a better quality of service at competitive rates. With our network, your shipments get the capacity they need without the hassle.

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Get capacity for spot freight or initiate carrier contracts

View carrier profiles and their on-time delivery and pickup metrics

Make load requests public within carrier network, or for an individual carrier

Do it all from a simple, easy-to-use platform or mobile app

Fewer hours needed

Spend less time on resource-wasting tasks-building out your shipments, searching for capacity, and going back and forth on emails. You spend less time in the LoadBetter platform with increased productivity.

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Load Better Shippers IT Solutions Hero Element 3
Load Better Shippers IT Solutions Hero Element 3

Receive notifications and email load updates

Monitor your KPIs and analytics

Get real-time tracking on every load

AI + Automation

Go farther with true AI that learns as soon as you begin. Your capacity needs are answered faster using real-time data and your own automation

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