More loads to book with a simple click

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More loads to book with
a simple click

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More loads to book with a simple click

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Quote Requests

Make your preferred lanes visible by pushing them straight to Shippers increasing your chances of getting the right load at the right rate.

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Real-time Analytics

There is no need to wait for your data anymore.
Get it in real-time to the milisecond and make the right decisions based on accurate data and relevant KPIs.

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Efficiently reducing CO2 Emissions

We love a green planet. In fact all our plans are geared towards a greener Supply Chain. We constantly optimize our ecosystem in order to become as efficient and “greener” as possible. We are building a network of (semi)autonomous vehicles to push the industry faster than ever towards that future we all want.

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Find loads hassle-free

Stay in control from your phone, and experience the simplicity of booking loads that meet your preferences, all without making any phone calls.

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Place bids and expand your network of shippers

Get loads on the spot market or win contract freight

Do it all from a simple, easy-to-use platform or mobile app

Increased Earnings

Your earning potential expands with our Shipper Network.

Place the bids you want, send a request directly to the Shipper and find the lanes you need to keep your empty miles low.

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Send load tracking updates automatically

Monitor your KPIs and analytics

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Spend less time

Let our AI assistant manage more work for you, as it learns what you’re searching for and how to maximize your productivity in less time.